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Upaasmar – The Taste of Hunger
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Helpless hunger, mourning faces is the every day feature at the tribal settlement of Satpuda wilderness, where the devil of malnutrition has eaten thousands of infants. Even before they are able to stand on their feet, even before they feel the love and affection of their parents, the children of Melghat experience what hunger is. Somewhere in the untouched dark corner of shining India , inhabitants of tribal villages of Melghat are still deprived of basic amenities like education , health , food , electricity ,drinking water. The children are deprived of basic nutrition and become victims of life-threatening diseases. What is worse, is that the increasing rate of the infant mortalities here has become a lucrative business for people in politics and governance. Shocking enough is to know that a lot of money is said to have been spent and lot of schemes introduced to curb malnutrition, yet, children continue to die.


Upaasmar is a small effort to take these aggrieved and pained voices to all sensitive people of the world and to shine a torch on shining India’s dark corner.

Fear the Grizzly Georg-Simon-Ohm University
Best Cinematography Best Photography
Ana Alcazar
Calvin Harris Florian Sommer
Assistant Camera
Ingo Kendzia Daniel Holzheid
AEG Nürnberg
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