Nurturing the talent

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Acting & Filmmaking Workshop

We have lot of talent in our hill states, which is unexplored and underutilized. One of the objectives of Silent Hills Studio is to explore the local talent and nurture them.Provide them a platform to understand the know how of film & tv production industry. Craft their tender skills and provide them guidance towards right path.

In this regard, Silent Hills Studio has taken an initiative to organizing workshops for local talent where they can learn from industry people. The workshops are organized on various subjects and professions. Ranging from Film & TV production to acting, photography, cinematography, editing and script writing, etc.

We believe that in the future, any film or tv production shoots in Himachal won’t require main actors or the extras/junior artists to be supplied from Punjab or any other part of India. We will be able to find that talent here in Himachal only.

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